Thursday, July 16, 2015

Needing Patience Before a Court Hearing in Los Angeles...

Needing Patience Before a Court Hearing in Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse -

Needing Patience Before a Court Hearing in Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse

LA Metro Court Patiently Waiting on Court Cases to Begin....

Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse
Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse
For the second day in a row, I have cases at the LA Metropolitan Court. Today, their computer system is down. Yes, I will say it again, THEIR COMPUTERS ARE DOWN! That means that the electronic calendar, displayed on 5 TV screens by the elevators that scroll all of the names of the people who are on calendar today, is not working. 

Now normally, you can go to a location to find a paper calendar, with all the names and courtrooms, somewhere taped up on a wall. But, in that this courthouse has fully converted to electronic calendars, well, no such paper exists. So, then the other option is to go to the clerks windows. Wait in line there, only to reach a window and be told " the computers are down". I asked if there is a paper calendar that they could look up my case? "No." So, I'm guessing that I'm in a certain department this morning. Waiting for dept 60 to open up, and maybe find my case in there. Yup, it tuns out I was right. 

Municipal Court Metropolitan Branch Los Angeles
Municipal Court Metropolitan Branch Los Angeles
Now here is the really crazy part: there are hundreds of people on calendar this morning, and no calendar to direct them! At the end of it all, I wished the clerks behind the windows " good luck", as I know that they are all about to have a really frustrating day. Patience everyone... This is court, not the Ritz. 

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